Happy Mothers Day 2016 Wishes Quotes Messages and Greetings

Happy Mothers Day 2016 - Wishes Quotes Messages and Greetings: Hey there are you looking for some of the best Happy Mothers Day 2016 - Wishes Quotes Messages and Greetings especially for you to wish your mother.

Mothers Day 2016 - Wishes Quotes Messages and Greetings

Happy Mothers day Quotes
May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
Mothers Day songs truly sing of Mother as a divine angel sent by God to be with us in all our good and bad times!

Mom.... You’re the best! Thanks for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day!
Mother’s love is as great as God’s love. Without any ifs and buts, without any expectations! Happy Mothers Day wishes from your loving son on this special day!

Thanks for taking care of me until I can take care of myself, which might be a while from now.
Happy Mothers Day to the person who makes me lucky at each and every moment. Lots of love on Mothers Day to My Dearest Mom!
Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s day! You’re the best mom I could have asked for.
Hey mom, I just want to say how much wonderful you are. You have shown me your love right from my birth. Happy Mom’s Day.
"Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, But only one mother the wide world over." — George Cooper
God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. Victor Hugo
"Never marry a man who hates his mother, because he'll end up hating you." — Jill Bennett

Happy Mothers day Messages

To the best mother in the universe: Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve all the love, care and support that you’ve lovingly given every day of my life. I love you!
"There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing." — Billy Sunday
Happy Mother’s day to a woman who deserves a medal...
for putting up with me all these years!

You have been a perfect blend of a friend and a mother for all these years. What else can a daughter dream of? Wishing you Happy Mothers Day!
Throughout the years, you’ve always been by my side. I couldn’t have had a better mother to look up to. Happy Mother’s Day!

Best moms in the world are just like you! Wish you lots of happiness and beautiful moments today!
Thanks for letting me be a parasite in your body for 9 months...
followed by another 18 years as a parasite outside your body.

Every daughter’s dream is a marvelous mother like you! Happy Mothers Day Greetings!
Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t say it nearly enough but thank you for all you’ve done for me in my life and everything you still do.
Don’t you think it’s funny that you’re still my Mother?
You deserve to have been promoted by now!

I never get worried, I never feel disappointed. I never feel ignored. Coz I know you are here for me always! Lots of love on Mothers Day to my dearest mom!
Mom you are a divine flame of inspiration always burning bright in my heart! Lots of love and wish you a beautiful day!
Though I can never repay you for your love and care, I cant miss to express my gratitude, love and reverence on this beautiful day of the year! Special Mothers Day Greetings to my special mom!

Happy Mothers day Wishes

You are the greatest gift from the heavens mother, filled with love and care for all your children and the entire family.
I could bring you flowers, I could give you gifts, but nothing in this world can truly show you the love I care for you. Happy Mother's Day!
It’s truly amazing to me how, after a long and hard day, you come home and always smile. Thank you for being the sweetest mom ever! Happy Mother’s Day!
There is nothing in this world to compare to the love I care for you - I'll always be grateful for what you did for me! Happy Mother's Day!
Your smile brightens each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and it’s with doubt that this gives us the courage to face the new day with joy.
Mother stands for: Magnificent, Optimistic, Trust-worthy, Heroine, Entertaining, Romantic. To me, you mean all of this and much more. I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
It’s my time to know you that how fortunate and special I am to be blessed with a mother as caring, loving as you. Wish you a happy Mother’s Day Mom.
I love you Mom and I always will, no matter age or distance. Happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s day, Mom. You are an inspiration, a great friend, and by far the best mom anyone can ask for.
All your love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Mother’s Day with a wish for happiness and a world full of love.
There are not enough hugs in this world and not enough kisses to allow me to show you how much I love you – Happy Mother’s Day!
Throughout the years, you've always been by my side. I couldn't have had a better mother to look up to. Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers day Greetings

“M” is for the million things she gave me,
“O” means only that she’s growing old,
“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
“H” is for her heart of purest gold;
“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”
A word that means the world to me.
May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood.
Hey mom, I just want to say how much wonderful you are. You have shown me your love right from my birth. Happy Mom’s Day.
Thanks for taking care of me until I can take care of myself, which might be a while from now.
I feel so lucky and proud to have you as my mother. I love you and I wish you the very happiest of Mother's Days.
You're simply amazing! Starting from the fact that you gave life to another human being, and then the fact that you raised me as you did. Thank you for everything! Happy Mother's Day!
You get a wish.
In fact, I'm sending you two.
It's the least I could do
for someone as magical as you!

Happy Mother's Day From A Secret Friend!

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Whatsapp Status Top quotes updates messages Download

2016 Wishes, best loving Quotes 2016, Messages in Hindi fonts, English, urdu,Wallpapers, ascii 2016 Wishing Msgs top ten Quotes and Celerations event ideas, Slogans, Quotes, Shayari, Thoughts, Poems, Songs, Speech

Best and Funny Love Status for Whatsapp & Motivational Whatsapp - Cute Whatsapp Status with  Original Updates - BEST Mood Whatsapp Status

It’s really hard to find a whatsapp status which are not used by anyone and are original.So here we have compiled some of the best,latest and untouched  list for you.Which includes whatsapp status quotes,short love status and many more.
we are sharing these top selected Whatsapp quotes  for you and your whatsapp contacts We have shared 100 Best WhatsApp Status Updates to share in different moods….. soon I will update this article with more beautiful, sweet and cute whatsapp status updates. You can explore more categories to find more beautiful status updates.

Today Updating your WhatsApp status has become one of your daily routine, no matter whether you have internet connection or not you try your best to update your status atleast ones in a day. So for our friends understanding their needs we have shared a big collection of Best Whatsapp Status Updates.

This page is updated regularly so stay tuned for new additions…

  1. Had a really great "Night Out" last night, According to my police report.
  2. I will win, Not immediately But Definitely.'
  3. If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass!
  4. Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I'm tired of solving them for you.
  5. The road to success is always under construction.
  6. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  7. Born to express not to impress.
  8. Silent people have the loudest minds.
  9. Sometimes it's easier to pretend you don't care, than to admit it's killing you.
  10. You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf.
  11. Life is like photography, You use the negatives to develop.
  12. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
  13. War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.
  14. When someone says, "You've Changed", It simply means you've stopped living your life their way.
  15. If you want to make your dreams come true, The first thing you have to do is wake up.
  16. I don't have dirty mind, I have Sexy imagination.
  17. Whenever i think of quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
  18. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.
  19. You have to be ODD, to be number ONE.
  20. When life puts you in tough situations, don't say, why me? Just say, try me!
  21. I stopped fighting with my inner demons. We are on the same side Now.
  22. If people are trying to bring you 'Down', It only means that you are 'Above them'.
  23. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
  24. The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.
  25. Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.
  26. Be a good person, But don't try to prove.
  27. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  28. Some people are alive only, Because it's illegal to kill them.
  29. I am not failed......My success is just postponed.
  30. If you like me Then raise your hand, If not then raise your standard.
  31. When i was born..Devil said.."Oh Shit..!! Competition".
  32. I work for money, For loyalty Hire a Dog.
  33. I am always right, Once i thought that I am wrong, But i was wrong.
  34. I know i am something, Because god doesn't create garbage.
  35. If you are gonna be two-faced, Honey at least make one of them pretty!
  36. When nothing goes right..!! Go left.
  37. If you can't convince them, Confuse them.
  38. I love to walk in fog, Because nobody knows i am smoking.
  39. I am not drunk, I am just chemically off-balanced.
  40. Oh, So you wanna argue, Bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON.
  41. I am so poor that i can't pay attention in class.
  42. Warning...I know KARATE.......And few other oriental words.
  43. I used to be an atheist, But then i realized i'm God.
  44. Never make eye contact while eating a banana.
  45. Success is like being pregnant everybody congratulates you, But nobody knows how many times you got fucked to get there.
  46. I am not virgin, My life fucks me everyday.
  47. Nothing is over until you stop trying.
  48. Person you love is 72.8% water.
  49. I talk to myself because i like dealing with a better class of people.
  50. People say, you can't live without love...I think oxygen is more important.
  51. 80% of boys have girlfriends.. Rest 20% are having brain.
  52. When everything comes your way.. Then you are on the wrong way.
  53. she's so fake, if you look behind her neck. I bet it says "Made in china".
  54. I drink to make other people interesting.
  55. If at first, you don't succeed..Keep flushing.
  56. Save water drink beer.
  57. Virginity is not dignity, It is just lack of opportunity.
  58. Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.
  59. Don't kiss behind the garden, Love is blind but the neighbors are not.
  60. His story is History, My Story is Mystery.
  61. Phones are better than girlfriends, At least we can switch off.
  62. Smile today, tomorrow could be worse. 
  63. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. 
  64. If you don't succeed at first, hide all evidence that you tried.
  65. Stop worrying about the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.
  66. Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter... people the opposite.
  67. Diet rule #1: If nobody sees you eating it, it doesn't contain any calories.
  68. I love my job only when I'm on vacation
  69. Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.
  70. Never test how deep the water is with both feet.
  71. The richer you get, the more expensive happiness becomes.
  72. Parachute for sale, used once, never opened!!
  73. My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way.
  74. FREE PUPPIES: Half cocker spaniel, half sneaky neighbors dog.
  75. Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.
  76. In my house I'm the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.
  77. I'm not online, it's just an optical illusion.
  78. That's the secret to life... replace one worry with another.
  79. If there is a "WILL", there are 500 relatives.
  80. How is a poor man a lot like a rich man? They both have an iPhone.
  81. Some people call me Mike, you can call me tonight.
  82. When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.
  83. Whatever it is -- I didn't do it!
  84. Sometimes you succeed.... and other times you learn.
  85. There are three sides to an argument - your side, my side and the right side.
  86. When there's a will, I want to be in it.
  87. Failure is not an option -- it comes bundled with Windows.
  88. I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!... He's dreaming too.
  89. I believe there should be a better way to start each day... instead of waking up every morning.
  90. When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into action. They rented out my room.
  91. Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal my status 
  92. I'd rather have honest enemies than fake friends.
  93. My "last seen at" was just to check your "last seen at".
  94. Not always "Available".. Try your Luck..
  95. Hey there whatsapp is using me.
  96. I'm not lazy, I'm on energy saving mode.
  97. You can never buy Love....But still you have to pay for it.
  98. Totally available!! Please disturb me!!��
  99. “Success” all depends on the second letter.
  100. I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life.
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Love & Romantic Whatsapp Status for GF & BF

Love & Romantic Whatsapp Status for GF & BF

Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging app which allows you send Love Status For Whatsapp and receive messages through your mobile phone without having to pay for SMS. Love Status For Whatsapp is a big trnd on web.  Love Status for Whatsapp In Hindi on my blog. I hope you like these Love Status For Whatsapp. Please read the below whatsapp status in hindi and set as yours. I hope you and your friends like these Love Status For Whatsapp very much. If you really like our Love Status For Whatsapp then please hit on like button below. If you want to download Love Status For Whatsapp In Hindi directly in your mobile phone then please subscribe our weekly newsletter.

We all know whatsapp and its popularity. Almost everyone is on this chat application and most of the time active on it. Earlier people were changing their Facebook status, now Whatsapp status has taken its place. We present you different best Whatsapp Status Updates (Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love) and Ideas in Hindi language. Whatsapp Status is the best way to express your feelings. Here is the latest collection of Best Whatsapp Status in Hindi for Friends, lovers, Best friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife, Relatives.

 Love status for whatsapp hindi  

1. Main kyu pukaru use ki lout aao, Kya use khaber nahi,,,,Ki kuchh nhi mere pas uske siwaye..

2. Log kehte hai ,zindaji 4 din ke hai.Leken agar zindagi 4 din ke hai to test match 5 din ka kaise ho sakta hai.

3. iss seher me sab jaldi me hote hai lekin time par kois nahi pochta.


Roses are red, violets are blue, love never crossed 
my mind till the day I met you.


When i miss you... I close my eyes and I'm with you..

“No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. 
No matter what you will do. I willalways love you. I swear it.”


"Love is cute when it's new, but love is most beautiful
 when it lasts."


I love my life because it gave me you
I love you because you are my life


“I want everyone to meet you. You’re my favorite
person of all time.” 


“Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you.
I can only just see you.”


“And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.”

"It's not what I feel for you;
It's what I don't feel for anyone BUT for you "


"Love is just love, it can never explained."


Romantic Status for Whatsapp 

Short & Best Romantic Status for Whatsapp in English, Most Romantic Status for Girlfriend Boyfriend, One Liner Love Quotes for Her, Him, Husband, Wife

1) सुना है तुम ज़िद्दी बहुत हो,
मुझे भी अपनी जिद्द बना लो.!!

2) जो मैं रूठ जाऊँ तो तुम मना लेना,
कुछ न कहना बस सीने से लगा लेना।

3) आज तो हम खूब रुलायेंगे उन्हें,
सुना है उसे रोते हुए लिपट जाने की आदत है !

4) हुए बदनाम मगर फिर भी न सुधर पाए हम,
फिर वही शायरी, फिर वही इश्क, फिर वही तुम.

5) सिर्फ तूने ही कभी मुझको अपना न समझा,
जमाना तो आज भी मुझे तेरा दीवाना कहता है.!

6) खुद ही दे जाओगे तो बेहतर है..!
वरना हम दिल चुरा भी लेते हैं..!
7) मेरे बारे में इतना मत सोचना ,
दिल में आता हूँ , समज में नही ।
8) तुम जिन्दगी में आ तो गये हो मगर ख्याल रखना,
हम ‘जान’ दे देते हैं मगर ‘जाने’ नहीं देते !!
9) मोहब्बत है मेरी इसीलिए दूर है मुझसे,
अगर जिद होती तो शाम तक बाहों में होती ।
10) वो खुद पर गरूर करते है, तो इसमें हैरत की कोई बात नहीं,
जिन्हें हम चाहते है, वो आम हो ही नहीं सकते !!
11) तुम खुश-किश्मत हो जो हम तुमको चाहते है वरना,
हम तो वो है जिनके ख्वाबों मे भी लोग इजाजत लेकर आते है..!!

WhatsApp Download 2.12.114 APK Packed with Emergency Features & Improvements

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WhatsApp Download 2.12.114 APK Packed with Emergency Features & Improvements

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Whatsapp Shayari status 2015 Lovely sending greetings

Whatsapp Shayari status 2015 Lovely sending greetings
We have best collection of Whatsapp Shayari status for whatsapp including shayari status for whatsapp in hindi,love shayari status for whatsapp,sad shayari status for whatsapp,romantic shayari status for whatsapp,short shayari for whatsapp status andwhatsapp status in hindi.We keep updating every week with new and latest shayari.Keep visiting for new shayari

WhatsApp has been a game changer in the field of communication. For instance, relationships are proposed and people break-up on WhatsApp too. And with Christmas round the corner, it will be for the last time people will send greetings in 2015 before a New Year happens and the whole list of festivities begin again.

You can directly share via whatsapp using your mobile.
1.Mene Bhi Kisi Se Pyaar Kiya Tha,
Thoda Nahi Beshumar Kiya Tha,
Humari To Zindagi Hi Badal Gayi Jab Usne
Are Yar… Mene To Majak Kiya Tha

2.Jo badal jaaye fir vo yaar kaisa
Jo toot jaaye fir vo sath kaisa
Log aksar kehte hai mujhe fir se pyaar hua
par magar ham kehte hai jo fir se ho jaaye vo pyaar kaisa.

3.Dil ko manana aasan nahi hota..
Apno ko satana aasan nahi hota..
Wada karna aasan hota hai..
Magar wada nibhana aasan nahi hota..

4.Chalo K Moat Se Kartay hein Aaghaz_e_Mohabbat,
Zinda Rahay to Bicharnay ka Darr sa Rahay Ga

5. Mera har pal aaj khoobsurat hain,
Dil mein jo sirf teri hi soorat hain,
Kuch bhi kahe yeh duniya gum nahi
Duniya se jyada hume teri jarurat hai

6.Yaadon ke darmayia wo ek ehasas chhod gaye
Meri sans me apni khushboo chhod gaye
Kabhi sath jeene merne ke waade karte the
Aaj wo hume marne ke liye akla chhod gaye

7.Ankhain khuli to jag uthi hasratain
usko bhi kho diya jisey paya tha khwab main.

8.Tanhayi mere dil mein samati chali gayi
Kismat bhi apna khel dikhati chali gayi,
Mehkti fiza ki khusbu me jo deka pyar ko
Bas yaad unki aayi aur rulati chali gayi.

9.Hamari rooh me na samaye hote to Bhul jate tumhe..
Itna karib na aaye hote to Bhul jate tumhe..
Ye kahte hue ki mera talluk nahi tumse Koi..
Aankho me aansu na aaye hote to Bhul jate tumhe

10.usne samjha hi nahi
Aur na samjhna chaha..
Ke mai chahta bhi kya tha us se
sirf us ke siwa

11.Aaj Mohabbat Ki Inteha Kr Do
Ya Apna Bana Lo Ya Tanha Kr Do

12.Kitna ajeeb hai logo ka andaz-e-mohabt,
Roz ek nya dard de kr kehte hai apna khayaal rkhna

13.Main he Main ab tumhare khyalo main ho main savalo main hu main javabo main hu main he main tumhare hr ek khwab main hu basa main tumhare nazr ke ujalo main hu.

14.Har Ek Khamoshi Mein ek Baat Hoti Hai
Har Dil Mein ek Yaad Hoti Hai
Aap Ko Pata Ho Yah Naa Ho
Aap Se Milne Ke Liye Roz Fariyad Hoti Hai

15.Sapna kabhi sakaar nahi hota,
Mohabbat ka koi aakar nahi hota.
Sab kuchh ho jata hai duniya mein,
Magar dobara kisi se sachcha pyaar nahi hota

16. Unhi raasto ne jinn par kabhi tum the saath mere
Mujhe rok rok ke puchte hai, tera humsafar kahan hai..!!

17. Tujhy fursat hi na milli padhny ki aejaan
hum tery sheher main bikty rahy kitabon ki tarha

18. ham kisi ko chahane ki zid me hai
wo hame aajmane ki zid me hai
jiski chahat hai hame itani shiddat se
wo hame bhul jane ki zid me hai

19. Muskil sai sath milta hain aapno ese bhula na dena hr kisi ke liye aapne ma papa ko rula na dena log to beach raste chore jate hain unke liye bhula na dena pyar aapno ka

20. Waqt sai hum aapni khushiya chura lenge gum ho ya khushi aapno ke liye muska lege sath ho aapno ka to hum kisi bhi dard ko chupa lenge

21. Maine to us raat b khuda se tmhe maanga jis raat log bakhshish ki dua maangte hai…!!

22. Judai kisi ko mile na sab khush rahe aapne pyar ke sath koi kisi ko dhokha dena bus chlte rahe ek dusre ka pakad kr hath

23. Khobsurat hain zindgi ese ji kr dekh lo hr pal kisi ke liye khushiya ji kr dekh lo dekhna milegi aapko hr khushi kisi ko aapna keh ke to dekh lo

24. Har Khushi Se Khobsorat Teri Sham Kar DonApna Pyar Aur Dosti Tere Naam Kar DonMil Jaye Agar Dubara Yeh ZindagiHar Bar May Yeh Zindagi Tere Naam Kar Don…

25.Aksar wo mujhse puchta hai. kya zindagi hai aur kya maut? Main khaamosh rehti hu aur Dil hi dil me kehti hu, Tujhe paa liya toh zindagi hai, Aur kho diya to maut

26.Raah Dekhenge Na Duniya Se Guzarne Wale;
Hum To Jaate Hain Thehar Jaye Thehrne Wale;
Ek To Husn Bala Us Pe Banawat Aafat;
Ghar Bigdenge Hazaron Ke Sanwarne Wale

27.Teri Baaho Me Aaj Mjhe Bikhar Jane De
Mahakti Huyi Sanso Me Muje Utar Jane De
Tanha Hai Raat Aur Mosam Sard Hain
Apni Saanso Me Aaj Mjhe Mahak Jane De
Khawabo Me Tere Mjhe Aaj Bahak Jane De

28. Wo Inkaar Karte Hain Iqraar Ke Liye;
Nafrat Bhi Karte Hain To Pyaar Ke Liye;
Ulti Chaal Chalte Hain Yeh Ishq Karne Wale Bhi;
Aankhein Band Karte Hain Deedar Ke Liye

29. Hote Agar Paas Toh Koyi Shararat Karte
Lekar Tumhe Baho Mein Mohabbat Karte

30. Mohabbat Karo Itni Ki Hadh Na Rahe;
Intezar Karo Itna Ki Waqt Na Rahe;
Bharosa Karo Itna Ki Shaq Na Rahe;
Nibaho Mohabbat Aise Ki Kisi Aur Ka Us Par Haq Na Rahe

31. Chand Ko Sitaron Se Aur Hume Tum Se Mohabbat Hain
Phoolo Ko Baharo Se Aur Hume Tum Se Mohabbat Hain

32. Hote Agar Paas Toh Koyi Shararat Karte
Lekar Tumhe Baho Mein Mohabbat Krte

33. Tere Naam Ko Labo Pe Aise Sajaya Hain,
So Bhi Jaau To Khawbo Me Pukaru Tujhe

34. Teri Gali Mein Main Na Chalun Aur Saba Chale;
Yun Hi Khuda Jo Chahe To Bande Kee Kya Chale;
Kis Kee Ye Mauj-e-Husan Hui Jalvagar Kee Yun;
Dariya Mein Jo Habab The Aankhein Chuppa Chale

35. Aasmaan Bhi Ab Humsey Naraaz Hain
Taaron Ka Gussa Behisaab Hain,
Woh Sub Humse Jalte Hain Kyun Ki,
Chand Sa Behtar Dost Hmare Pas Hai

36. Yaad wo aate hai jo apne hote hai,
yaad nahi rehte jo sapne hote hai,
apne aur sapne mein ek farq hai,
sapne saath hote hai jab dur apne hote hai!

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